Different doesn’t mean bad

Here are a few fun facts about me:

  • I like TV shows that probably should be embarrassing for a 23-year-old woman…like The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars.
  • I read almost exclusively YA novels. I sometimes venture out into the adult world, but I spend a lot of time in YA land.
  • I love showtunes. I am most likely to be listening to showtunes on Pandora or Spotify than anything else. My current jam is Shrek the Musical. I will listen to that music all day long.
  • I am in love with Team Starkid. They’re a theatre group. They’re best-known for their Harry Potter parody musicals. They’ve done a lot of other parodies, like a Batman show, one that they say is “like The Little Mermaid but in space,” an Aladdin/Wicked parody, a Star Wars parody and a show based off of the video game The Oregon Trail. I think they are all creative geniuses, and I support them every chance I can…meaning I’ve been to Chicago four times in the last year and a half going to their shows.

And here’s the thing:  I won’t apologize for any of it.

I realize that my tastes are different than most. But that shouldn’t be a bad thing.

When can we start appreciating the differences in everyone?


One thought on “Different doesn’t mean bad

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