Possibilities abound

One of the craziest things about being single is the fact that my life can literally go in any direction I choose.

Sure, I live in Indianapolis. I moved here for college and stayed after graduation. But I don’t have to stay here anymore.

I’m not saying I’m going to pick up and move next month with no rhyme or reason. But I could. (Well…money and job, aside.) I don’t have to stay in Indy. Or Indiana. I have the whole world open to me. I could find a job in London and move across the pond if I wanted to.

Will I do that? No, I probably won’t be that extreme. But I could. I’m young. I’m single. If there was ever a time to move somewhere new and see what’s out there, to find what life has planned for me, it’s now.

I. Am. Free.


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