A Thousand Words: A Year of Pictures

It’s December, which means it’s about that time of year when I start reflecting on the previous year….OK, I’ll cut the crap. I don’t do that until Dec. 31, and usually then I’m saying “PLEASE LET [Insert next year here] BE BETTER THAN THIS YEAR WAS!” This post is coming to you via a prompt for Think Kit,, which tells me I should write a blog every day this month. Since I failed miserably at NaNoWriMo last month, I  figure that I need to at least do something. So here we go.


I’m honestly not sure what all I did during January.

I remember there was a polar vortex that was miserable, and digging my car out of that was not fun.

But January 26 also marked Normie living with me for one whole year!

I won’t have officially celebrated being his mother for a year until February 1st, his official Gotcha Day, but I took him home on January 26 a year prior.

And he’s held my heart ever since.



In February, we celebrate Valentine’s Day.

I posted this picture with the caption “Snuggles on Valentine’s Day.”

Now I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day in the first place, but looking at it now, I probably should have taken it as a warning sign that my Valentine’s Day was spent snuggling with my dog.

(I promise, these won’t ALL be pictures of my dog.)



In March, I hung out with my favorite little girl — my “niece” Olivia.

I see her every few months, but it’s not nearly enough.

I wish I lived closer so I could visit her more often.

She looks so little here!

But I suppose she was only about 6 months old then.



And in April, I got to hang out with this little cutie pie 🙂

It was Easter, so it was family time.

My cousin Amanda brought over her son Braxton.



May means one thing to me (besides my birthday) — Indy 500.

Which means, of course, the annual Indy party at the Marleys’ house.

We’ve been going to their house for the Indy 500 for as long as I can remember, and there’s never a dull moment.



I finally got rid of having an old car and started leasing a 2014 Toyota Corolla.

Now, I feel so spoiled.

I don’t know how I ever went without my digital temperature control and my backup camera.



Two words: Joey Richter.

Fourteen words: You should be really proud of me because I didn’t pass out from excitement.

I went to Chicago on July 5 and 6 to see Trail to Oregon and Ani: A Parody. They were absolutely fantastic.

I also got to meet Lauren Lopez, Nick Lang, and Joe Moses, and I re-met Brian Holden and Joe Walker.

But I finally met Joey Richter. I like to think of this as a picture with my new boyfriend, because later that month, my then-boyfriend of five years and I broke up.



August was the month of weddings.

I’m not kidding.

Three weekends in a row…and none of them were in Indy.

But I got to see one of my best friends, one of my favorite cousins, and a lifelong family friend whom I love dearly all get married. So it doesn’t really matter where they were. I’d have traveled across the world just so I didn’t miss them.



Football season was in full swing, and I head to a Colts game with Ashley and Alan.

And the Colts KICKED BUTT. I should really be at all their games. Maybe I’m their good luck charm.

(Or maybe it’s because they played the Titans. But I’m going to go with the former.)



I celebrated Sweetest Day with my sweetest, Norm. I love my dog, OK? And pets are the most unconditional love we can get.



I fostered Zola (Zo, ZoZo, Zoey) for most of November. She was a kitten at FACE. She’s back at FACE now, and I miss her. I think Norm does too.



December means CHRISTMAS. So clearly my Christmas decorating is in full swing. And I’ve only just begun…



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