Deck the LOLs

On the 3rd day of Think Kit, SmallBox instructed me to try to be funny. DeckTheLOLs

(I hope you all sang that when you read it like I did when I wrote it, or else it’ll sound even more lame than I’m sure it already does.)

Anyway, apparently I am supposed to tell you a funny story, or show you a funny video, or something of the nature. And I’m sure that unlimited hilarious things happen this year. But my memory is terrible.

I tried to scroll through my Instagram for the last year, because that’s usually my go-to place for funny text conversations. And while I found one that I thought was pretty funny — I called myself “psycho,” and my friend responded by saying “Well even if you are, you’ve done step one: acceptance!” — and while I think that’s hilarious, it didn’t feel like enough.

So here’s an edition of Jimmy Fallon’s “Hashtags” segment that aired this year.


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