Aloha: The Year I Turned Crafty

When I was growing up, I hated craft stores. I whined every time I’d be forced into a Hobby Lobby, or a Jo-Ann Fabric, or a Michaels.

joy signI proclaimed craft stores as my “second-least favorite type of store.”

(Behind hardware stores… I still hate those. Especially Menards. I don’t know why…I just can’t stand them.)

The reason I hated craft stores? I was bad at crafts.

Then this year, I decided I needed a new hobby. And apparently, I decided that hobby should be crafts.

I started small. When I was a child, I did Greenware in the 4-H fair, which was painting ceramics.

So when I got back into crafting, I decided to paint. Only small things. Wood pieces, mostly. Jingle Bells

But it felt good to just be doing something productive.

Time passed, and I started trying to branch out into a few more types of crafts. I started trying to crochet again.

My grandma taught me how many years ago, and while in some regards it’s like riding a back, there are some things that just don’t come back to you as easily.

A few weeks ago, I taught myself to knit. (Well, I watched a YouTube video that tells you how.) Disclaimer: I’m still terrible at knitting. Don’t be expecting me to be knitting blankets any time soon.

Since it’s December now, I’m big into Christmas decorations. I’ve painted a JOY sign. I put bells in a shadowbox and put stickers on it to spell “Jingle Bells.”

But what I’m most proud of is my candy cane-inspired Christmas wreath. wreath

I took a straw wreath, wrapped both red and white yarn around it, and attached a snowflake and fake holly.

For someone who “sucks” at crafts, I think it turned out pretty good.

So bring it on, 2015! I’m going to tackle the craft world. Hey, maybe by next December, I will be knitting blankets. (Doubt it.)


One thought on “Aloha: The Year I Turned Crafty

  1. A fun creative outlet is so important, isn’t it? I gave up guitar because I was terrible, and it was hard, and really, I was lazy lol but I started playing ukulele a few years ago which was an easy little outlet 🙂

    Here’s to baby steps *clink*

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