My third home

Think Kit’s prompt for Day 6 is about my third place:

“Work, home, and _____. Where was your third place this year? Did you like it, love it, …or was it out of obligation? What feeling, sense, or vibe did you get from your third place? If someone can’t imagine the scene, give the lay of the land in words. Is there natural light? Is there a certain smell? Bring us inside.”

I had to give this one a lot of thought, because at first, I honestly didn’t know. If I was still in college, I know what my immediate answer would be: The third floor of Esch. So many Comm majors spent nearly every waking minute on that floor.

But this year? I couldn’t think of any places I regularly spent time at. My parents’ house? I haven’t actually been in Elkhart that much this year. The gym? My workout habits are too back-and-forth to write a blog post about how that’s my third place.

And then I thought of Ashley’s apartment.

Ashley is one of my best friends, and I go over to her apartment at least once a week, almost every week. I live alone, and her roommate works from mid-evening to early morning, so hanging out at her place during the week makes for the perfect girls’ night.

Mostly, we watch Netflix. For a big chunk of the year, it was One Tree Hill. Ashley was going through a series rewatch, and I’m always down to watch One Tree Hill. Then, it was October. We finished One Tree Hill and moved on to scary movies, deemed our “Halloween hangouts.” Now, since Gilmore Girls is on Netflix, it’s that.

Sometimes, we do crafts. Recently, I went to her house when we both made our wreaths for Christmas. Thanks, Pinterest!

Her apartment has changed a little bit this year. She got new furniture. Now, I sit in a recliner and kick my feet up while we’re crafting/watching TV or movies. But most notably, she got a dog. He is oodles of fun, and while he’s still a big playful puppy, he’s also just a huge baby and loves people. He either tries to play or takes a nap while we do our thing. And her cat, Cat, is usually around, coming up to me at some point and sitting with me on the chair.

It may not be much, but these nights are the perfect example of how you don’t need to always go out to have a good time. Sometimes, all you need is to just sit down and relax with a friend by your side.


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