If I had a magic wand…

WARNING: This blog post will be cheesy.

Think Kit, Day 7:

“Wave your magic wand – whoosh – what would you transform, create, or make disappear in 2015? Don’t be afraid to change the world, or merely alter the mundane. Just be prepared to defend your decision with reason, or irrational emotion!”

My first thought, when I thought it said what you could redo for 2014, was going to be to poof away the pounds.

But for 2015? I don’t want a magic wand for that. I want my own hard work to pay off, so I can claim the poofing. Besides, it’s happening OK so far. I’ve lost about 6 pounds in the last month. Sure that’s not a LOT, but it’s something. I’ve lost about an inch every…except for my hips and arms. Those are being stubborn still.

So if not to lose weight, what else do I want?

Are you ready for the pathetic cheese-fest?


I’ve had enough of the single life – HAH. I know, I’ve only been single for like…4-5 months or so…but I’ve had my fill of it.

And I’m discovering that I have dating anxiety. Because what kind of 23-year-old doesn’t really have any dating experience? I guess the kind who was with the same guy since she was 17.


Therefore, I have had very little of the awkward first date experience. And the last time I had that was high school. Which, I’m just assuming, is a lot different than post-college adult life.

And just to be clear, those awkward dates were very awkward. Like…the dude’s parents showing up at the same restaurant we were at and having to eat dinner with them.

I’m an awkward person, so a date with me is probably already awkward enough without adding all that business.

So if I could just have a magic wand that could skip all the awkward and would lead me to the person I’m supposed to be with , and all i have to do is fall in love, that’d be great.

The end.

(See, even some of my blog posts are awkward. Who wouldn’t want to date me?!)


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