Soapbox time!

Think Kit, Day 8:

“Get on your soapbox. What issue, idea, or stance were you vocal about this year? Or did you let it internally build up? Was there an event, person, or time that triggered your strong reaction? Or was it a slow-burn? Why do you feel so strongly – is it personal? Emotional? Strictly reasonable?”

There are plenty of things I could rant about. I love complaining. And there are lots of issues that came up this year. But I’m going to stress this one a little bit more:

What makes you different makes you beautiful.

I’m a very, very quirky person. And I like things that many people consider childish. (Well, “for teenagers.”) Why do I love these things? I don’t know. Maybe because I had a sheltered childhood. Maybe because I just love the first love feeling that you get in the teenager shows and books.

Either way, I love them.

And I don’t see why that’s a problem. It’s not like I only watch shows or read books made for teenagers. I still have my healthy, more mature interests.

But then I just have weird quirks…like the fact that I’m watching The Addams Family Musical on YouTube right now…

I don’t want to completely repeat myself now, so if you want more on this soapbox, I wrote this blog post a few months ago.


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