Put down your blog

Think Kit, Day 13:

“Put down your blog…And pick up a pen! Or pencil. Heck – we’d settle for a crayon.

You don’t have to stay in-between ruled lines, but we do want you to write something by hand. Sure, a letter comes to mind. But so does a recipe you discovered this year. A poem. A series of tweets that is a poem. A contract with yourself – or someone else. Whatever you get on paper – write it, then photograph & blog it. Cursive or manuscript, we promise not to grade on penmanship.”

I’ve been scribbling this for a few days now. It’s a proverb that I’ve been in love with in the past, and recently have fallen in love with again.


When I’m struggling to see the bigger picture, to see what my purpose is in life, I just remember this. When I feel like I am failing, I remember this.

God will make His plan known to me, at some point. I just need to remember to be patient, and that I do have a purpose, even on days when it feels like I don’t.

This is my favorite quote from the Bible… Proverbs 3:5-6.

(Side note: It also makes it extremely clear how exactly I am a Hufflepuff. My favorite quote is about trusting, and Hufflepuffs are notorious for their trusting and loyal personalities.)


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