What I’d Change This Year

Think Kit, Day 12:

“We’ve put another quarter in the slot – free play! Hit the reset button on a moment this year: what would you do over? Whether or not you analyze your actions – how would you act differently? Would the outcomes shift, or stay the same? From a single sentence to a whole day (and everything in-between), feel free to explain your choice, from how you felt immediately after the moment passed, to any thoughts that ran through your mind beforehand. Take a mulligan!”

I know that being guarded is generally regarded as a bad thing. But I feel like I’d be a little more guarded this past year if I could change something.

I’m not saying I’d build up these huge walls to hide behind. I don’t want to be completely guarded. I just think some things would be easier if I wasn’t such an open book, emotion-wise.

Anyway, this song covers it pretty well.

“When you once, unafraid, wore your heart on your sleeve, and the ones that you love chose to just turn and leave, every day it gets harder to somehow believe you will survive, so you strive just to keep up your guard. ‘Cause it’s safer to hold every card.”

(Which, by the way, usually means that you hold zero cards.)

BONUS: This is Krysta Rodriguez, whose voice is one of the most incredible I’ve heard.


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