Can I have this technological advance, please?


Think Kit, Day 18. I’m using a LIfeline today because, well, I can:

“What one technology do you hope becomes a reality in 2015? Is it helpful? Revolutionary? Or just plain cool?”

So I saw this post earlier that was the 29 Internet Philosophers Who Will Rip A Hole In Your Mind, and I thought No. 8 was genius.

enhanced-buzz-30163-1418684440-28Netflix doubling as a dating site. Showing you local singles who also binge watched the same shows as you. How genius is that?

I mean, I’m not sure what kind of men I’d get with my watching 8 hours straight of Gilmore Girls on the reg, but… sometimes I watch other things. Like, I plan to watch the third season of American Horror Story soon. Guys watch that too, right?

I am totally into finding a guy through our mutual love of TV.

Let’s make it happen, Netflix.


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