Think Kit, Day 30:

“What one word sums up the past year? Now: unpack, unfold, and uncover it. What does it represent? What events float to the top when you think about your word? And, okay, if you can’t limit yourself to a single word…use a (select) few.”

What one word describes how I feel this year? “Broke.”

Since I started living by myself in July, I have not been able to save money. I’ve actually lost money that I had saved.

I get paid, and then I pay rent. And I have $175.55 to live off of for the next two weeks. Except for the part where it’s not like rent is the ONLY bill I have due in a two-week period. No, I usually have my Kohl’s charge, credit card, and electric due in the same two weeks.

So, that number gets a lot closer to $0. Actually, it pretty much is $0.

But obviously, I have to buy groceries and gas within those two weeks.

So I have to use my credit cards.

Do you see why I can never actually pay off my credit cards?

I think it’s absolutely ridiculous when someone working full-time has to work more than one job because their job won’t support them, but honestly, I’ll probably be getting a second job soon. Because although I have already been doing freelance work, it’s not regular, so therefore it’s not reliable. And I can’t live paycheck to prayer anymore. It’s way too freakin’ stressful.


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