Why I Became a Jamberry Consultant

I did it. I drank the Kool-aid.

I got sucked right in to becoming a Jamberry consultant.

When mulling over the decision — and trust me, I did a lot of that — I had to eventually decide if it was worth it. I mean, putting aside money for a starter kit? Yuck. And then there was the risk of becoming THAT PERSON. You know, the person who starts selling something and then starts talking about nothing but what they are selling? No one likes that. No matter HOW cool your products are.

But I do LOVE Jamberry. I’ve always hated painting my nails because 1) I’m bad at it — seriously, we’re talking nail polish all over the fingers and 2) it chips in approximately five seconds. With Jamberry, I get a manicure that lasts a week — supposedly they can last up to two, but I always get way too excited about all the new patterns and peel them off early — and in way cooler patterns than I could ever do. I’m not kidding. I can’t even paint on a French manicure without it looking like a 2-year-old did it.

So, I love the product, and as a consultant, I get a discount! Which is pretty dang spiffy if you ask me, because I love saving money.

And that’s pretty much why I did it. The idea of making money off of it? Well, that’s awesome. But I don’t really anticipate making much money off of it. While I love my nails and I would love for more people to know about them, trying to push it down people’s throats just isn’t quite my style.

But what better way to spread the word than free samples?! YAY.

So it’s easy. Pick a number below, then email me with the number, your name and your address using the “Contact Me” page, and I’ll send you your sample. Easy peasy, right?

*USA only, please


Have questions on being a consultant? Go ahead and leave them in the comments below.

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