Internet comments

Oh, internet comments. Possibly the worst thing to come out of the internet (well, besides the health sites that basically tell you you’re dying if you Google your symptoms – guilty).

For some reason, today I was reading through comments on an article on Facebook, and it’s just baffling some of the comments you see out there for somewhat harmless things.

If you want to leave hate comments for someone like, say, Walter Palmer, I certainly won’t stop you. He broke the law and killed an innocent animal for no reason other than to brag that he could. Whooo, you killed a lion that was doing absolutely nothing to you. Good job, bro.

But other things, like…for example…Buzzfeed articles?

Whoever wrote this article should be fired and have their hands removed so they can never type such utter shite again as long as they live.

That was on Facebook after Buzzfeed posted one of their articles about how Harry Potter was actually kind of a sucky character.

I can understand being upset. When someone disses something I love and I don’t agree with it, it’s understandable to become upset. But to suggest actual physical violence toward someone who wrote an article? What the hell, Internet commenters? Why so harsh?

I can’t say I’ve never negatively commented on something. But I’m pretty sure I’ve never wished physical harm to someone writing an article about their own harmless opinion. Keep in mind, this is a harmless opinion. It’s not someone saying we should murder people who don’t agree with us, eliminate races, etc. It’s an opinion about a work of fiction.

So before you start spreading hate, consider that the person who wrote the article is an actual person with actual feelings. They probably will see your comment. Their families may see your comment. Their friends may see your comment.

I do actually know the girl who wrote the article in question. I wouldn’t consider us friends, but we went to college together and had the same major, so we had some classes together. And all I could think was how glad I am that I’m not her. Because at least people aren’t telling me I should have my hands removed for expressing this opinion.


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