“Are You Sad?”

Am I sad? What do you want me to say? If I say no, I’ll look heartless. And it would be a lie.

But do I say yes? Saying yes brings on the pity. The “awwwww”s. The sad looks. And I don’t want that, either.

Am I sad? Am I sad that the two people I see more often than almost anyone else are moving 10 hours away? The people I spend the drive to work with, spend the work day talking to, and ride home from work with? The people who live right across the hall, who between work and living in the same place I see almost every single day? Who I have worked with for years between college and professional life? Who I pet sit for, and who pet sit for me? Who I’ve often hung out with, both going places or just ordering pizza and watching TV and movies? The people whose wedding I was just in two months ago?

Why would I be sad about that?



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