My Battle Against the Mice: Part Two

I thought it was over.

I went on vacation a few days after finding the last mouse droppings. When I came back, I didn’t find any new signs of mice. I hesitantly went back to sleeping in my own apartment for a few days. I was ready to call my complex and have them remove the mouse poison so I’d feel more comfortable with my dog staying there. (Note: I asked them several times to use traps other than poison because of my dog and my neighbors’ pets. They ignored my concerns each time.)

And then last night happened.

I found new mouse droppings.

Not many. But there were some. I tried to tell myself they weren’t mouse droppings. I knew they were, but I tried to tell myself they weren’t. My anxiety usually convinces me things are worse than they are. It will convince me that I’m seeing mouse poop, even if it’s something else. But last night was different. Last night, I tried to tell myself it wasn’t mouse poop. I tried to tell myself that it was my anxiety. But I knew better.

So I took a picture and sent it to my boyfriend. He confirmed that it indeed looked like mouse poop.


Why can’t this be over? I already removed all food from my apartment except for that in my fridge/freezer. When I bought new food, I put it in a plastic storage container where mice can’t get to. They have no food source in my apartment. I don’t leave water out. I check the sinks to make sure there’s no sitting water in them.

My apartment complex is useless. I left them another voicemail yesterday asking if they could remove the poison and put down new traps. Today, I called and they said they’d put down new bait… OK, so the one thing I asked you not to do.

So even though my apartment complex said they’d take care of the problem, looks like it’s on me now. Time to buy some mouse traps and steel wool (oh yeah– because the apartment complex decided not to have the exterminator check the exterior of the building to see where they’re coming in because I’m the only one who has reported problems. OK BUT THEY ARE GETTING IN SOMEWHERE. Especially since I live on the second floor.).

But you bet I’ll be keeping my receipts.