Why I Don’t Think Opposites Attract

Today, I heard the old adage “opposites attract,” and for some reason, I can’t stop thinking about it.

Probably, mostly, because I believe that opposites don’t attract.

Let me clarify. It’s not that they don’t attract. It’s just that the attraction can’t last. Specifically on an introvert/extrovert level.

I am awkward. And I’m shy. And I would rather spend time at home with my dog than do pretty much else. When I’m hanging out with friends, I’d much rather be at their place or mine watching TV or playing games than going out and doing something in public. People are not my thing.

So that’s why I’m thinking opposites don’t really attract. I could not date an extrovert who likes going out and hanging out with people all the time. (I actually have done that, so we see how that worked out – it didn’t)

It doesn’t work! I’m not comfortable going out all the time. And I’m guessing extroverts can’t handle staying in all the time. So what happens? You either start resenting each other for being the way you are, or you spend a lot of time apart. Probably a little bit of both. Neither of which make for a healthy relationship.

So how do you find a successful relationship? Look for someone similar to you.