RIP Alan Rickman

I shouldn’t be this sad. I know I shouldn’t be. Alan Rickman was an actor. I didn’t know him personally. I never met him. He’s just an actor in a series that I loved.

But I can’t help but be devastated today at the news Alan Rickman died. Because he may be just an actor, but he played such an important role to me.

I’ve loved Harry Potter since I was 9 — for 15 years, now. I started reading it while my grandmother was dying from cancer. It was an escape. It helped me feel happy when I was sad.

And I was so young. Harry Potter was a huge part of my childhood. And it’s still a huge part of my adult life. Because it’s what made me fall in love with reading — which is a huge part of who I am. Because it was the first series I fell deeply in love with.

So seeing someone who was such an important part of the franchise die? It hurts. Because he’s more than just an actor. He’s a part of my life, even if I wasn’t part of his. He brought a hugely important character from a hugely important (to me) series to life. He is part of the franchise that shaped me.

He’s not just another actor. So, I’m sad.